Advertising Sales Agreement

a) All advertising means will come from the buyer instead. All expenses related to the provision of promotional material to Politico are the responsibility of the purchaser. b) the buyer must submit promotional materials and written instructions for its use to Politico as soon as possible to ensure proper publication. Changes to the instructions must be attributed in writing to politico by email before any changes are made. c) Politico is not responsible for losses due to advertising errors. Politico is only responsible for the cost of the space needed to correct an error. It is agreed that no other liability between the publisher and the publisher will be recognized under this contract. (d) Politico reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse any advertising copy. We do not accept advertising that is insulting, violent, or in bad taste. We do not accept discriminatory advertising based on race, religion, gender, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. All advertising creators must contain the advertiser`s name or logo. We reserve the right to cancel all advertising at any time.

Rates and specifications may change) Ads in the event of an election for/against a political party or candidate must reveal the identity of the paying sponsor with the message “Paid by XYZ.” Advertising or political nature, which are attacks of a personal nature, is not accepted. We reserve the right to require factual allegations made by interest groups or political announcements.f) Buyers are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the evidence they request. The purchaser should carefully consider all of the evidence of the advertisement, including areas where no modification or correction has been requested. The advertiser has entered into a contract with one or more publishers to publish or broadcast advertising, as described in a sequence of registrations (“IO”) or ordered by the advertiser (non-IO) (set “orders”). All the terms of this Agreement apply to any publication and/or ad on behalf of the advertiser (an “ad”). No condition of an order or other notification from the advertiser that is or does not agree with the terms of this Agreement is binding on publishers unless it is written and signed by both parties. In this letter, the agreement between CRC, Inc. (“COOL1450AM”) and (“Advertiser”) of the State of the Original Letter Agreement) for the purchase of certain Source advertising inventories by the advertiser (“Original Letter Agreement”) (“Original Letter Agreement”). POLITICO LLC (“Politico”) and the person, company or organization, including, but not limited to, advertisers, their purchasing agencies (“Agency”) and organizations known as advertising or purchasing services (“Service”) that solicit credits to purchase such advertisements and to purchase advertising space (a set called “buyers”), the following conditions agree that the exposure should be the publisher`s responsibility in the event of errors or omissions in the printed display advertisement on the cost of the advertising space corresponding to the defective part of the advertisement.