Definitive Agreement Meaning In Hindi

The final agreement will be negotiated in more detail by the parties and the terms of the agreement will be part of those negotiations. a final agreement for the acquisition of a social contract (Noun) – a binding agreement between two or more people, which is legally applicable, is often confused with definitively, because the words are so similar. However, the meanings are very different. Definitely means clear or precise, while that definitely means authoritarian or final: the decision of the Supreme Court was final, but did not give a definitive answer to the question. synonyms: compress, Constrict, Squeeze, Compact, Contract, Press Synonyms: Abridge, Foreshorten, Abbreviated, Shortened, Reduction, Contract, Contract This Memorandum reflects our mutual understanding of the issues described here, but each party acknowledges that this memorandum, with the exception of paragraphs 8 and 9, is not intended to create or constitute a legally binding obligation between the parties, and neither party has any responsibility to the other party. , until none of the other party towards the other party, authorized, executed and delivered by and between the parties. Contract (verb) – tighten or tighten On April 21, 2014, we entered into a final share purchase agreement (the “agreement”) with Xtreme Technologies, Inc., an Idaho company (“Xtreme”). Equipment Contracts Stock purchase Definitive agreement with Xtreme Technologies, Inc. – High prevalence of Babesia microti among small mammals in Beijing – Infectious Diseases of Poverty – BioMed Central Contract (Nomen) – a variety of bridges, where the bidder gets points to the game only for the number of tips it has offered – Sunesis Pharmaceuticals and Viracta Therapeutics announce a definitive merger agreement – GlobeNewswire – TIME to Host New Series of Debates and Virtual Conversations the 2020 Person of the TIME Contract (verb) – being struck by an illness, suffering from a disease – Gitex 2020: 40. Version of the technology exhibition opened in Dubai – Gulf Business Contract (Nomen) – (contract bridge) the highest contract is the contract that determines the number of tricks the bidder must do – Farming Diary: Denise Plummer`s year – Wiltshire Times In conjunction with the transactions envisaged in this memorandum and the negotiation of the Final Agreement, each party can provide confidential information (defined below) to the other , the commission of the