Double Taxation Agreement Ireland And Spain

If you live in Ireland in 2017 and 2018, you pay Irish taxes on your global income. You must register with the Income Tax Commissioners and file a Form 11 in which you declare your Irish and Spanish income. Depending on your status as a tax resident in Spain, you may again be subject to Spanish tax, which increases the possibility of double taxation. Ireland has signed double taxation agreements (DBA) with 74 countries; 73 are in effect. The agreements concern the direct taxes that are denominated in the case of Ireland: here is a summary of the work under way on the negotiation of the new DBA and the updating of the existing agreements: The specific provisions applicable to border workers are included in the following double taxation conventions: Q: I have been living in Spain since January 2017, where I have been working as an independent teacher. However, I worked a few weeks in Ireland in 2017 and earned about 2,000 euros (PAYE income only). The same thing will happen this year. What is the tax impact of the work in Ireland in the coming weeks? I guess I don`t need to declare Spanish income in Ireland or Irish income in Spain? I`m a little perplexed and I don`t want to be doubly taxed. Fergal, Barcelona, Spain The Spanish tax system is very complicated. If you are resident in Spain or if you have financial shares in Spain/abroad, your assets and income may be taxable under the Imuesto sobre la Renta de Personas F├ęsicas IRPF during the fiscal year. There is a double taxation agreement between Ireland and Spain, which was signed in 1994. Learn more about income and property taxes in Spain on the tax administration`s website. Bulgaria Bulgarian tax agreements and international agreements SloveniaListe of Slovenian tax treaties (EN)General information on tax treaties (SL) A: depending on the age and rules of the employer pension scheme, you can benefit from your employer pension scheme and continue as a self-employed and finance a PRSA.

HungaryListing Hungarian tax treaties in the English legal database – including all legal acts – Legal database in Hungary Q: I have two pensions: one of my former work as a worker – which includes a sum of 454,000 euros; the other is a personal old age savings account (PRSA) with 300,000 euros, since I have been self-employed since 2000. If I retire from my most hard-working job, I can continue to save taxes by investing in my PRSA while continuing to earn money.