Educational Assistant Collective Agreement Nb

With the constitutional right to strike workers still wrongly suspended, they are preparing for imminent collective action to stop pressure on the government to provide decent care for the elderly. “Prime Minister Higgs` lawyers know very well what the Supreme Court of Canada said in the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan [2015] case. Workers cannot be denied their fundamental rights to fair collective bargaining involving either the right to strike or a binding arbitration procedure for the main service denominations,” Teare said. Fredericton – On April 25, 2019, the NB Court of Appeal inquired about Justice Garnett`s appeal not to grant a stay on the issue of the right to strike for caregivers. The reasons for these decisions must be presented at a later date. The outgoing president of CUPE NB, Daniel Leére, announced a year ago that he would not propose again. “The municipal committee believes that the current process is working. Referees are qualified professionals who use many factors in their decisions. They are neutral, objective, responsible and transparent.

Decisions are based on entrenched legal principles. The model does not need to be repaired because it works,” said Kevin Smallwood, chair of the NB Committee of Municipal Employees. I am concerned that with $8 million less, it will reduce traffic in our parks, and that, in turn, will reduce revenues for NB. For every public dollar invested in promoting New Brunswick as a tourist destination, there is an estimated return of $3.19 $US in the province,” Wiggins said. CUPE Local 1190 is calling on the government to change its decision to privatize the park and save the much-needed parking jobs they sorely need. Over the past three days, Higgs and Shephard have made their priorities clear. The nurses followed the Prime Minister across the province to make his voice heard and encourage him to speak to the team. “The lack of respect for caregivers is surprising – the Conservatives would rather go around the province to raise money for the next election than have a meaningful discussion with elected union leaders,” Teare said. Fredericton, April 15, 2019 – On Saturday, at the 56th annual meeting of CUPE NB, nearly 350 state leaders and elected officials elected Brien Waston to chair the NB Department of the Canadian Union of Employees. Stephen Drost was elected vice president of the division. The bill was intended to limit the discretion and freedom of arbitrators in granting wage adjustments to municipal workers such as the police and firefighters.

“Both the Conservatives and The Liberals are responsible for this report, because this practice has been going on for too long in the DTI. I hope That Prime Minister Higgs will put the work back at home, do all the transparency instead of trying to score political points,” Wiggins said. This is what happens when you look at public services as a burden rather than an asset. Our roads are becoming more dangerous, workers are losing good jobs, lives are at risk, and everyone but businesses and their political friends end up paying the bill,” Wiggins said. Our “Bargaining Forward” campaign is on the move. I am convinced that Watson has everything to maintain the movement, but also to grow. Brien has what it takes to motivate members and build strength to break the government`s wage restraint mandate,” said Leter. At a time when the dollar is expected to fall to a record $62, the local 1190 believes that the smart move would be to invest in labour and produce ads for Americans.