Jpo Agreement

New Zealand has reached an agreement, but is not actively involved in the program at this time. The number of jobs supported varies from year to year and by donor country. As a first step, the JOP will receive a one-year appointment, renewable with the agreement of the donor country and on the basis of good performance. It is not to be expected that he will be selected for a regular staff position; Like any other external candidate, the STAs may apply for such positions and follow the regular selection process of the ORGANISATION. The JPO programme is based on an agreement signed between member states and the IAEA, which outlines the respective responsibilities and provides a framework for cooperation. Applicants interested in the JPO program are encouraged to ask their Foreign Office if their country has an agreement with the IAEA on this issue and where they can apply. Do you want to help nationals of your country or other countries become JPOs at UNICEF? We have two types of agreements: full service and standard. IOM launched its JPO program in 1975 with JPO rankings. IOM has signed cooperation agreements with the following sponsoring governments and other agencies: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and the Intergovernmental Agency of the Francophonie. Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) are recruited through bilateral agreements between UNIDO and donor member states to work on development projects under UNIDO`s broad competence in the main priority areas of its work. The following countries have reached an agreement with the United Nations on participation in the JPO programme. Click on a country for more information about their JPO programs and representation positions. “UNIDO has given me the unique opportunity to work in more than 80 countries.

JPO-Framework Donor Agreement for the JPO Program Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information. . . . In addition to the above terms and conditions, applicants from eligible developing countries must meet the following conditions: . The allocation of a JSB must be fully funded by the government of the relevant IAEA Member State, based on the cost estimate provided by the IAEA. Vacancies are generally declared at the national level by the Austrian Federal Ministry. Currently, no information is available on Australia-sponsored news organizations.