Med Spa Medical Director Agreement

First, property: in Illinois, med Spas, like many states, must be 100% owned by doctors. This means that a doctor does not deal with a non-medical company (such as a med or laser spa in the possession of a layperson or nurse) to be the “medical director” of that company. If the doctor contracts with a non-doctor, the doctor could be charged with complicity and complicity in the illegal and unauthorized practice of medicine. The doctor may also violate the local fee splitting statutes if the income from Spa Med is split between the doctor and the non-doctor Spa. Ultimately, in many countries, a “medical director” should be the owner of the Medical Spa, not just an employee or contractor. I would like someone to also be able to share a copy or presentation of a contract between my spa and my medical director (for California). I need it. Try to understand the salary structure and the extent of a medical manager`s responsibility for my spa. I also need a medical nader. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Priscilla Sanchez, you can help??? Please send an email to I am seeking the medical director contract for the tattoo removal clinic. Anyone willing to share? Please send to I appreciate all the help I`ve been looking for! Can someone share the information of each medical director? Thank you very much The practice of medicine is serious.

Although medical spas are sometimes more likely to resemble day spas and the majority of proposed medical procedures are very low risk with few injuries or poor results, Med spas are still medical facilities and are subject to the same rules and regulations as a medical practice. Moreover, many doctors do not understand that becoming a medical director means that they assume the ultimate responsibility of all patients who are seen and cared for at Spa Med. The medical director is responsible for the implementation of the correct protocols, the monitoring of treatment plans, confidentiality, all things that the Medical Spa manages itself.