Miktex License Agreement

Of course, you can`t claim copyright yourself (especially with a proprietary license) on MiKTeX simply because you redistribute it. For more information, please see the copy conditions. FSF commentary on existing licenses: www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html MiKTeX project contact form: miktex.org/email/ (basic-mik-tex-.com.exe. MiKTeX – . . Finally, although this is certainly not a requirement, we would like to invite all redistributors to make a donation for the project, whether it is cash or in-kind benefits, for example. B miktex.org/giveback. Thank you. LaTeX is available via login.stud.ntnu.no. LaTeX is available as a package for most Linux distributions. If you`re on Windows, you can use z.B. MiKTeX as a compiler, or you can use PCTeX, which has a built-in compiler. If you`re an OS X user, you can install LaTeX by downloading the MacTeX package.

NTNU has a licensing agreement for PCTeX, while MiKTeX and MacTeX can be downloaded online for free. Our research group (not the department or graphic group) has a license of 10 users for WinEdt5x. Please email Herman if you decide to install it. We respect the license agreement! LaTeX users can use many different fonts. The font used if nothing is specified is called the Modern computer, which is not always the most beautiful. To solve this problem, NTNU has acquired a site license for the MathTime Professional 2 memory. However, MiKTeX does not have a single copyright holder or a single license that covers all of its content, as it is a collection of many independent packages. Therefore, you can only copy, modify and/or redistribute MiKTeX software if you meet the requirements of the owners of the corresponding packages.

You can use any cover or support label design you want.