Oregon Dhs Collective Bargaining Agreement

Under the new contract, wages will be increased by 35 cents per hour on January 1, 2020 (2.4%) $15 an hour. In the second year of the agreement, workers are waiting for access to a retirement savings plan for the first time: DHS and the governor have committed to obtain legislative approval to increase wages by 5%, which would be paid into individual accounts in the state-subsidized OregonSaves retirement savings plan. If they choose to do so, workers could instead translate some or all of the increase into wages. About 30,000 Oregon caregivers receive $15 an hour and protection from sexual harassment in the workplace in their new two-year contract. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 and the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) tentatively agreed on the terms of the agreement on September 4. The contract applies to workers who are employed by the National Registry of Care and who provide home care to the elderly and disabled, whether they are paid privately or through Medicaid. “We`ve already received calls from other SEIU residents across the country saying it`s a great idea and they want to do something similar,” Morris said. A ratification vote is underway among home nurses and will be completed by 1 October. 2017-2019 .

Mid-term 2015-2019 . Collectives. Negotiations. Agreement. In between. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE STAFF. UNION, LOCAL 503, OPEU. and the OREGON STATE.

DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION. Services. TABLE OF MATERIALS. ARTICLE 26–DIFFERENTIATED PAYMENT .. 3. ARTICLE 27-SALARY INCREASE .. 9. ARTICLE 31—ASSURANCE .. 10. AKGEDANN. Article 10– Trade union rights – New employee notifications and union withdrawals in a timely manner.. 11.

Article 26-Differential Pay – IS Specialist 3 .. 12. Article 26-Differential Pay – Electricians 2 and 3 post difference .. 12. Article Pay – Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC) Differential .13. Article Pay – Code Blue Work Desk Audit (OSH) .. 13. Article 27– Salary Increase – By Pickup Transition .. 13.

Article 31 Insurance – Part-time staff Calculation and premium medical subsidies. Morris says improving wages and working conditions benefits not only home care workers, but also their clients. Since 2001, when state-paid homeworkers entered into their first union contract, the annual turnover of workers has increased from 50% to 27%. 9 Rate: Twenty-seven cents ($) per hour for all teams allocated. (h) ODOT DMV and/or ODOT IS Inmate differential. DMV employees regularly assigned, and ODOT IS. Employees temporarily responsible for working with inmates directly in the security fences of Oregon state prisons receive 5 per cent (5%) Salary difference.