Pledged Collateral Agreement

SECTION 5.06. Counter-parts; Efficiency Several agreements. This agreement can be executed in return (and by different parties) on different counterparties, each constituting an original, but constituting a single contract. The delivery of a signature page executed in this contract by fax or other electronic transmission is effective with the delivery of a counter-part of this manually signed contract. This agreement enters into force for each grantor when a consideration executed on behalf of that grantor has been passed on to the administrative officer and a consideration has been executed on behalf of the administrative officer; Subsequently, this great door and the administrative representative, as well as their successors and approved beneficiaries, are obligatory and are dependent on them; benefit the administrative officer and other insured parties, as well as their respective beneficiaries and beneficiaries, unless no Grantor has the right to transfer or transfer its rights or obligations under this agreement or any interest (and this transfer or transfer is not in effect), unless expressly provided for in this agreement and in the credit contract. This Agreement must be construed as a separate agreement with respect to each Grantor and may be amended, amended, supplemented, repealed or released with respect to a Grantor without the agreement of another Grantor and without prejudice to the obligations of another Grantor, without this being affected, modified, supplemented, cancelled or released by another Grantor. A mortgage allows the borrower to retain ownership of the valuable property. The mortgaged asset can be used to eliminate the down payment, avoid PMI payments and secure a lower interest rate. Suppose a borrower wants to buy a $200,000 home, which requires a down payment of $20,000. If the borrower has $20,000 in shares or investments, he or she can be mortgaged to the bank in exchange for the down payment. SECTION 5.15.

An administration officer is appointed Attorney-in-Fact. Each Grantor heresafter names the administrative officer as the very counsel for this grantor for the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this Agreement and all measures and enforcement of all instruments that the administrative officer deems necessary or notified to discharge the objectives of this Agreement at any time, after and during the pursuit of a late event of which the appointment is irrevocable and of interest. Without limiting the universality of the above, the administrative officer has the right to receive, to assist, cede and/or pass on all notes, assumptions, cheques, cheque drafts, instructions, instructions, or any other payment document, except at the entry and continuation of a late event and the disclosure of the administrative officer to the borrower about his intention to exercise these rights, either on behalf of administrative officer 153 or on behalf of such a grantor (a); (b) requiring releases and releases of all security or security, receiving them, obtaining receipt and granting discharges; (c) sign the name of a grantor on an invoice or bill of lading relating to one of the warranties; (d) send debt checks to a debtor; (e) to initiate and prosecute all actions, actions or proceedings before a competent court in order to recover or otherwise implement security or guarantees; (f) to regulate, compromise, implement, adapt or defend any act, action or procedure relating to all or one of the assets; (g) to inform account debtors or to require a funder to make the payment directly to the administrative officer; and (h) to use, sell, yield, transfer, mortgage, enter into an agreement or act in respect of any of the security, or to act otherwise, and to do any other act and other measure necessary to carry out the objectives of this agreement, as complete and complete as if the administrator were the absolute owner of the security for all purposes; Unless otherwise stated,