Salesforce Master Service Agreement

“platform” the online platform service that SFDC has made available to you to the reseller as part of the reseller`s supply of the reseller application. “Beta-Services,” SalesTrip services or features that can be made available to the customer to try, depending on their choice, at no additional cost, clearly called beta, pilot, limited edition, developer overview, non-production, evaluation or a similar description. You agree that SFDC has a free, global, transferable, irrevocable, irrevocable and unlimited license to use or integrate suggestions, requests for improvement, recommendations or other comments from your or your users regarding the operation of the platform and/or SFDC service. Before you sign up with Salesforce on the dotted line, you should be aware that these integrations can be interrupted at any time in accordance with Section 4.2 of the Salesforce User Agreement. In the section entitled “Integration with Non-SFDC Applications,” we received an email saying that we are responsible for paying the $40,000 unpaid bill within 5 days, otherwise our organization would be closed. Knowing that if our Salesforce account was down, we would no longer be in business, we are now being manipulated to pay the full balance under the threat of closing within 5 days. We negotiated for more than 5 months without dissolution, who would believe that we would reach a solution within 5 days? In this case, rigid terms combined with irregular customer service can make a user particularly vulnerable. To avoid this situation, Liversidge and Bona advise negotiating a 60-day deadline to recover your data in the event of a termination. (f) do not modify, copy or create derivative works based on the SFDC platform or service; (ii) content that is part of the SFDC platform or service, with the exception of your own intranets or any other way to frame or reflect for your own internal activities; (iii) dorsalist engineering of the SFDC platform or service; or (iv) access the SFDC platform or service to (a) create a competitive product or service, or (b) copy ideas, functions, functions or graphics from the SFDC platform or service. 6.4 Customer license for the use of comments. The customer grants SalesTrip and its related companies a permanent, irrevocable worldwide pay license to use and include in its Services any proposal, request for improvement, recommendation, correction or other feedback from customers or users related to the operation of SalesTrip services or related services of SalesTrip or its related companies. This is hardly comforting to the countless Salesforce users who were affected by the near-apocalyptic shutdown of the platform in May 2019, when Salesforce accidentally gave the administrator access to all users and had to disconnect their service while cancelling the changes.

If your company relied on Salesforce, nothing was done that day, except of course, some good Twitter memes.