Upper Moreland Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Upper Moreland Township PBA is primarily the sole representative of collective agreements for contract negotiations and also supports the Community through various activities throughout the year, including organizing and participating in public events, community support and providing donations to families in distress. However, we can try to influence the amount of money that the Commonwealth has to allocate to school districts. If the federal government authorizes school vouchers, we must work with our national legislation to ensure that our representatives know that they are harming our public schools. We must also ensure that they know that we do not support an extension of the EITC programme, which also releases public school funds. These legislative initiatives are hidden methods of re-re-reducing public school funds to private schools and private interests. And while we often think that our representatives think they are working in our common interests, sometimes that`s just not the case. For those who did not attend the committee meetings, finances are also available on the district`s website. The 2018-2019 budget has a cake diagram that shows that 77.2% of the district`s revenue will come from local sources, while 21.3% will come from Commonwealth sources. So even in a state that underestimates its public schools compared to other countries (47th out of 50!), UMTSD is among the 36.8% indicated by the state in the January 10, 2018 premium. Given that umSD operates with a budget of $62 million according to the CAFR, this represents an additional $9,610,000 from local revenue sources (36.8% to 21.3%).

It is therefore necessary to be trained. X 62,000,000). Please read the apps carefully. All submissions must be made by mail or permail by May 1, 2020. The apps will also be available at Upper Moreland High School and the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. For example, Tom Murt, the PA state agent, supports both school cheques and the expansion of the EITC program. It will be re-elected in November and has not hidden it. Even though it frustrates me that our teachers continue to work without a new contract, it also frustrates me to go through our township and see Tom Murt signs on the lawns next to the UMEA signs that support our teachers.

The irony is that if Mr. Murt is re-elected, the legislation he records on the record will not support our teachers, it will not support our district and it will not solve this problem in the long run. Tom Murt supports legislation that will only make things worse. The Upper Moreland PBA has purchased two versions of panels that can be placed on your property. These signs can be retrieved at any time in the lobby of the Moreland Superior Police Directorate. They`re FREE. Please stop after your comfort to get them back. If there are no more labels or if you are specifically looking for the support sign, please contact the Desk Clerk at the window.

Upper Moreland Police Benevolent AssociationPO Box 325Willow Grove, PA 19090 If you stayed, you would have heard Dr. Milrod present his Superintendent`s report. He outlined three new initiatives recently taken by the District in response to national events. The first, Social Sentinel, is a service that the district has subscribed to, which oversees social media for Upper Moreland-related messages containing trigger words. Dr. Milrod explained that he received notification of these contributions several times a week and that they were recently triggered by words such as “sexual assault” because what is happening with the Supreme Court is happening. The second was the anonymous strike line that was launched for students and community members to anonymously report security issues. According to Dr. Milrod, there were a series of calls, including several requiring police intervention, and one expressing concern for a student whose family did not have enough money for food.