Vrbo Edit Rental Agreement

Use the website and its application or booking functions, except to apply for and/or search for holiday apartments to provide legitimate requests to our members or any other expressly authorized use on the site; No member may ask a traveller to send cash or use a cash transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram as a means of payment for all or part of a real estate rental allowance. Violations of this or other unacceptable payment methods that may be published on the website may lead to the non-compliant list being immediately removed from the Site without the Member`s notice and without refund. From time to time, we may draw attention to users who are attempting to complete a transaction that would involve an unauthorized payment method or a fraudulent payment method. Ideally, we hope to be able to help users avoid such transactions, but we assume no responsibility or responsibility for doing so or informing users of such actual or suspected activity. We charge a service fee paid by travellers who book a property on the site through the site`s cash register. The service fee covers the use of the site, including functions such as 24/7 user support, and is calculated as a variable percentage of the total booking amount (which may or may not contain additional fees, taxes and damages and interest deposits). According to the laws of the traveller`s and/or member`s jurisdiction, VAT may be levied in addition to the service fee. The exact service charge (and, if applicable, VAT) charged to the traveller at the time of booking is displayed. The service fee plus the applicable VAT is charged after the traveller and member have accepted the booking. The service fee will only be refunded if a member agrees to cancel the traveller`s booking and refunds the full rent. All taxes allegedly liabilited by a tax authority on service charges are HomeAway`s responsibility and members are not responsible for such a tax debt. Members agree not to encourage or advise a traveller to bypass or bypass HomeAway`s service charges. You accept that, with respect to personal data from other users that you receive directly or indirectly from or through the website or through a communication on the website, i) website-related messages that are not unwanted commercial messages, (ii) the use of services offered via the site, and (iii) the search or facilitation of a financial transaction between you and the other user for the purpose of the site (z.B.

Searching for or booking a property or recharging a personal credit card). Any other purpose requires the express permission of the user. They cannot use this information for illegal or unlawful purposes. Each member represents and undertakes to:i) own and/or hold all the rights and powers necessary to offer the rental and rental of the property indicated by that member; (ii) it will not unduly retain a rental deposit in violation of the underlying lease; (iii) it will accurately describe the leased building object, will not fail to disclose a significant defect or essential information about a rental property, and, on request or otherwise, will check from time to time the contents and location of the property, or the geographical description of the property, to ensure that it is correct and not misleading; (iv) it will not unduly deny access to the classified property; and (v) will not fail to make a refund if it is due in accordance with the applicable cancellation conditions or the underlying lease. In addition, if HomeAway, through one of its warranty or warranty programs, and at its sole discretion, compensates a traveller for a loss caused by acts or omissions attributable to a member, HomeAway reserves the right to sue the member for the amount paid or contributed to the loss.