Weird Prenuptial Agreement

“Personal and professional relationships such as financial advisors and domestic help can be identified in a premarital agreement,” Sodoma told Business Insider. “While there is no statement on whether these people want to stay involved with either party, the choice can be less stressful in advance if you know you don`t need to work to find a replacement.” “If you anticipate or use a donor for IVF or other assisted reproduction technology to start a family, including genetic material such as semen or stored eggs, [the] could be included in a pre-marriage agreement,” she said. Foley: People come in and say, “We want to do a prenupe.” Then we`ll see the lawyers again. Couples will say, “We will be very friendly about the dog in the event of a divorce. We`ll only share custody. So, as a terrible lawyer, referring to all the things that no one wants to hear, I have to say, “Well, what if he has a new girlfriend?” Are you going to bring him and his new girlfriend? What if the girlfriend has a cat and the dog doesn`t like the cat? Can the dog stay in the house if someone has a second dog? You said, “Oh, that`s not going to happen.” But it`s my job – to tell you now, while we`re talking, that if I take this deal, that he can have the dog every Saturday, you understand that even if he has a cat and a girlfriend and he moves into an apartment that you don`t like, he has the dog every Saturday. Couples may not come in with the madman, but it will happen when we start. It`s endless, hyperspecific things you might have to deal with. One thing your readers need to get out of it is that these agreements are supposed to be enforceable contracts, and if they can be, they will be. If you really want to do it, why not develop it and we will not put it in the legal agreement? A marital agreement included a requirement for drug testing by survey. Positive results lead to fines.

Another contract provided for how long the man could work before retiring. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson weren`t the only couples considering a lifestyle deal in their prenupe. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for celebrity couples to have prenupes that involve more than their money, their fortune and their children. According to NY Daily News, Jessica Biel created a clause for Justin Timberlake that says she would get $500,000 if he was caught fraud. Considering that the singer is worth $230 million, that`s a small price to pay – but still, it sounds like a lot to the rest of us. 17. “The most extreme prenup clause that my client wanted to put in place in the agreement was a promise from the bride-to-be to maintain fitness. The client had specific weight and body mass index (BMI) criteria that the bride had to keep entirely,” says Davis Riescher, family lawyer and CEO of

Nicole Kidman learned early on from her tumultuous relationship with Tom Cruise. When Keith Urban walked, she knew a prenup had to be good. PopSugar explains their agreement that Urban receives $600,000 a year for each year the couple has together – a small fraction of their $150 million.