Bank Of America End User License Agreement

If you use the Services to move money between your investment accounts subject to the terms and conditions of the Merrill Lynch brokerage site, to which you agreed when you were a Merrill online customer, this agreement applies to your transaction, not this agreement. Bank of America has been named BankBoston in many other Latin American countries, including Brazil. In 2006, Bank of America sold BankBoston`s business to Brazilian bank Banco ItaĆ© in exchange for Ita shares. BankBoston`s name and trademarks were not part of the transaction and cannot be used by Bank of America (end of the BankBoston brand) as part of the sales contract. In 2005, Bank of America acquired a 9% stake in China Construction Bank, one of the four major banks in China, for $3 billion. [93] It was the company`s largest excursion into the expanding Chinese banking sector. Bank of America has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou and wanted to expand its operations in China through this agreement. In 2008, Bank of America received the Project Finance Deal of the Year at the 2008 ALB Hong Kong Law Awards. [94] In November 2011, Bank of America announced that it would sell the majority of its shares in China Construction Bank. [95] “Merrill Lynch” is the trademark used by Bank of America Corporation in the Republic of Argentina for its capital market, financial advisory and investment transactions conducted by and via Merrill Lynch Argentina S.A.

This organization does not conduct banking licensed activities, such as .B the registration of deposits by the public. By registering online and in mobile banking, you will automatically be enrolled in the bank`s reseller rewards program, BankAmeriDeals, in which the bank shares anonymized transaction information with suppliers to facilitate your participation in the bonus program and submit offers that may be of interest to you. By participating in BankAmeriDeals, the Bank will also share anonymous transaction information with participating resellers, third parties and card networks to manage your benefits and rewards. As always, we use personal data only when necessary and in accordance with our online privacy policy and the U.S. Consumer Privacy Statement. Bank of America is a member of the Global ATM Alliance, a joint venture of several major international banks that provides reduced fees for consumers for international travel for consumers who use their credit card or credit card with another bank within the global atm Alliance. This function is limited to withdrawals with a debit card and users remain subject to foreign exchange charges, credit card withdrawals remain subject to cash advance fees and conversion fees for foreign currencies. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. This agreement includes the full agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, whether orally or in writing. ACCEPTANCE OF AN ORDER YOU PLACED IS EXPRESSLY CONDITIONAL ON YOUR CONSENT TO THE TERMS SET OUT ABOVE AND NOT TO THE TERMS OF YOUR ORDER.