Bwz Uw Learning Agreement

⇒ registration of the arrival of an academic for teaching purposes (STA) (please open the file in Adobe Reader) ⇒ registration of the arrival for training purposes (STT) (please open the file in Adobe Reader) – step by step for students – future graduates, Who apply for scholarships for foreign internships – General rules for the qualification of students who apply for Erasmus funding for the exercise of training abroad as graduates of higher education – specialty codes – Types of organization ➡ This is the period from the beginning to the day of the end of studies abroad. Staff, PhD students and students applying for a trip abroad as part of NAWA`s People Exchange Programme fill up: The completed and signed form is an annex to an application that exclusively in electronic form through the NAWA information system. ➡ Article 37 of the Code of Studies at the University of Warsaw determines the type of leave that the student can request. In any case, the dean or the competent prodecane must accept the departure. The EEZ recommends taking out additional private insurance covering the costs of any additional medical procedures or transport to Poland. ⇒ request for approval of the conclusion of a bilateral cooperation agreement ⇒ request for the power to conclude a bilateral cooperation agreement ➡ yes, but only in justified cases can you, with the agreement of the coordinator of the parent company, reduce your score to 20 ects points/semesters if you are a first or second semester student. Class, and 15 ECTS points/Semester if you are a PhD student. ➡ modification of the initial learning decision should be made at a foreign higher education institution within three weeks from the beginning of the semester.

We encourage all students to complete the survey, which is the basis for evaluating a foreign university and a source of information for potential students who are considering going. During the first month of your exchange, you must negotiate your “During Mobility” learning agreement (Part 2). This part should contain all the changes in your hallways: in all classes you do not attend, you should be removed or replaced by those you have rung to. The document should reflect your recordings. If your LA is ready, please contact your mobility companion directly. As long as it is signed by all parties, please provide us with a scan. ➡ It is possible to get the first instalment before departure if you sign the individual contract on time. After the signature of the individual contract, the EEZ shall endeavour to keep the transfers up to date. The prerequisite is the presentation of the documents necessary for the signing of the contract and the execution of the OLS language test. .

The first day of mobility is the day a student has to report to a foreign university (e.g. B start of the course, solemn welcome by the host institution, language and intercultural preparation course). ⇒ UW Central Campus Buildings Form Detailed information is provided by the UW Economic Office. ⇒ UW Exit Application (detailed information) ⇒ The exit authorization is completed by academics and Doctoral students interested in participating in an exchange program with a partner university signed by the Dean/Head of Unit. . . .