Cepa Agreement Abbreviation

“We should never have called it CETA. Only the trade agreements between the EU and Canada, nothing else,” Malmström said. The acronyms have become “quite toxic” since NGOs and business activists took them up to fuel fears of trade deals, the Commissioner said. The Commission is blocked by CETA: the agreement with Canada has already been signed and is ratified at national level. While the Commission uses the acronym ISDS to describe an investor-state arbitration system that it wants to remove from trade agreements, it is cautious in describing its new alternative approach: the judicial investment system. “Finding only another name will not solve the problem of skepticism about trade agreements. What the EU needs is a campaign that communicates the goals, values and challenges behind these agreements,” he said. CEPA, the bilateral free trade agreement between Hong Kong and mainland China, entered into force on 1 January 2004. The agreement provides local and international companies based in Hong Kong with early market access, regardless of nationality or size. Even after China has fulfilled its World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations, many Hong Kong companies will retain a lasting advantage, as CEPA offers even larger concessions that go beyond China`s obligations upon WTO membership. The European Commission is changing its approach to trade agreements after strong headwinds jeopardised agreements with the US and Canada. The agreement for South Korea complemented a broad list of existing bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements concluded under Korean President Roh Moo-hyun.

[3] As far as India is concerned, the negotiations coincided with the Look East initiative of Manmohan Singh, then India`s incumbent prime minister, who promised greater regional integration between India and East Asian markets. Theresa Crysmann, the media offer at the Brussels-based NGO Corporate Europe Observatory, said jeFTA was selected after people started using it to tweet about the agreement with Japan, and that it was trending on the social network. “If you have to limit yourself to 140 characters, JEFTA is much more useful than the EU-Japan deal,” Crysmann said. EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström made a similar reflection during last year`s crisis, during which the EU almost failed to ratify the EU-Canada agreement. The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) is a free trade agreement between India and South Korea. [2] The agreement was concluded on August 7, 2009. [3] The signing ceremony took place in Seoul and the agreement was signed by Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma and South Korean Trade Minister Kim Jong-Hoon. [4] Negotiations lasted three and a half years and the first meeting took place in February 2006.

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